Dapto Mystery Book Club – August book Death in a Far Country by Patricia Hall

Death in a Far Country
The Dapto Mystery Book Club is a newly formed group that is devoting its reading to the crime/mystery genre. Our first meeting was very successful with six members attending. We are still getting aquainted with each other and feeling our way, but we are all very optimistic about the future of this club and look forward to many rewarding discussions. Our first book was chosen by Bob and below are some general comments made –

‘The writing style describes the scenes well without going into too much detail, but the story line does not flow and lacks quality and subject matter.’

‘The two main characters tend to frustrate the reader with their relationship and the reporter’s constant interfering in an unprofessional manner and the way the detective accepts it all is not plausible.’

‘As a mystery novel it lacks realism as the mystery is so easily solved halfway through the book and does not build the reader up to a suspenseful conclusion.’

‘The most suspenseful part of this book is probably the first chapter.’

The author constantly refers to the events that have happened to the main characters in the previous book but fails to give more thought to the mystery part of the story.’

As to reading other books from this author, the majority of the Mystery Club members said No!
We will be scoring our reads on a scale from 1 to 10. Death in a Far Country scored an average of 5.


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