Warrawong Book Talk September Meeting

Book Talk’s September book was People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks which received an overall rating of 7. Most of the group really liked this book although Hanna’s story did not interest them as much as the story of the book. The story of the book they felt was well researched and well planned They were fascinated that such smalll things could reveal the history of the book and liked the way the layers were pulled back to reveal more and more of the book’s story and the story of the people associated with it.

October meeting
For our October meeting on 26th October at 2pm we will all be reading a Biography and coming to the meeting ready to talk about the book and what we thought of it. We did this last year with a Mystery book and found it was a way that we could share ideas and maybe find something new and interesting to read.

Diane Group Coordinator


One thought on “Warrawong Book Talk September Meeting

  1. I also read this book and would only give it a 6 out of 10. It received such marvellous reviews that I was surprised I didn’t like it more. I found it a bit disjointed to read and had trouble keeping up with who was who.

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