orpheus lostOrpheus Lost is a powerful and disturbing novel that spans America, Australia and the Middle East.

In the ancient myth, Orpheus travels to the underworld to rescue his lover Eurydice from death. In this compelling re-imagining of the Orpheus story, Leela travels into an underworld of kidnapping, torture and despair in search of her lover. A mathematical genius, Leela has escaped her hardscrabble southern hometown to study in Boston. There she encounters Mishka, a young Australian musician who soon becomes her lover. Then one day Leela is picked up off the street and taken to an interrogation centre. There has been an ‘incident’, an explosion on the underground; terrorists are suspected. Her interrogators reveal that Mishka may not be all he seems. But as she struggles to digest all this, Mishka disappears…

This book is the first of Janette Turner Hospital’s that our group has read and generally the feed back was positive for her writing style and talent. We all found the story intriguing with a well drawn plot and praised the inclusion of current social and political issues. It was agreed that only a talented writer could pull this one off! If you would like to learn more of what we had to say, visit our blog Over the Fence and read on.