The popularity of book clubs continues to grow across Australia as more and more readers realise the satisfaction of sharing good books with others. Here at Wollongong Library services we support a growing number of clubs and reading groups that meet on most days of the week. But suppose you are unable to make monthly meetings through work or family commitments. Or perhaps you have transport restrictions. Well, there is an on-line book club that may be just what you’re looking for.

The Big Book Club was established in Australia in 2003 as a not for profit arts organisation committed to the promotion of reading, literature and Australian authors and illustrators. But what makes the Big Book Club unique is its links with other organisations, among them public libraries, connecting readers no matter their age or where they live. In a country as large and diverse as Australia, this is a Big task.

 So enters The Little Big Book Club, which works along side BBC and was created for parents of children aged between 0-5 years. This club supplies parents and carers with an invaluable monthly list of worthy children’s books that can be shared with the whole family. There are even craft ideas and activities relating to the many books listed.

The Big Book Club Inc has grown substantially over the last six years (reaching over 600,000 families) which is reflected in the high regard the organisation is held in within the library and book industry. So take a look at the website and learn more. Membership is free, so why not join and be part of a growing family of readers, no matter who you are or where you live.