At Warrawong Book Talk’s next meeting we will be discussing The Reader by Bernhard Schlink. This is the book from which the recent movie starring Kate Winslett was made. Fifteen year old Michael’s chance meeting with an older woman Hanna leads to more than he could have imagined.  She seduces him and they embark on a secret affair which lasts for several months. But one day she leaves, and Michael is left feeling confused, because of the strange ending of the relationship. Michael studies law, and years later is observing a Nazi war crimes trial in Germany when he is surprised to see that Hanna is the woman in the dock, and that the woman he loved was in fact a war criminal.  Hanna will have to pay for a horrible crime but the question remains is she in fact concealing a much deeper secret. New members are always welcome to join our group.  If you would like to share in the discussion of this book at the library on Febraury 15th at 2pm  ask for your copy at the desk at Warrawong Library.  Diane Group Coordinator