When paramedic Bruce Pike is called out to deal with another teenage adventure gone wrong, he knows better than his partner, better than the parents, what happened and how. Thirty years before, that dead boy could have been him. ‘Breath’ is a story about the wildness of youth – the lust for excitement and terror, the determination to be extraordinary, the wounds that heal and those that don’t – and about learning to live with its passing.

Our last book for 2009 provided a lively discussion for our first meeting of the year. We divided into two camps over Winton’s Breath. We had the die-hard Winton fans who, to put it mildly, absolutley loved this book! Then we had the not so converted, grounded mostly in the writing style. Love it or not, Breath gave us a great platform for our first meeting of 2010. If you would like to read more about our discussion, visit our blog Over The Fence. You are always welcome.