At our January meeting  we had a very interesting discussion about The reader by Bernhard Schlink.  Ratings for this book ranged from 4-9 and it acheived an overall rating of 7. The majority of us did not feel any sympathy for the main character Hannah although some of us felt that the sentence she received was a bit harsh. She was seen as a very proud woman who did not want her secret – that she could not read – to get out.  Many felt initially that it was a little book that they could read in no time at all, but that in actual  fact it had a lot to say and it made them think.  It was seen as a well written book. The ones  in the group who had seen the movie starring Kate Winslett as Hannah said that the movie stuck very closely to the book, but that Hannah was portrayed a little more sympathetically in the movie.  I for one will now go and check out the movie.  Why not read it yourself and see what you think.  It is a little book with a lot to say!! Diane Group Coordinator