For our May meeting we discussed March by Geraldine Brooks.  Some of the group did not like the way Brooks had taken and expanded the shadowy character of Mr March from the book Little Women.  They would have preferred him to be left the way that he was.  They found Mr March to be a rather pompous idealist, with his wife being the stronger person.  She was the one who had to cope with the decsions made by her idealistic husband like his going off to war, or giving so much money to John Brown. Those things were not even discussed.  We believed that that was the way things were at that time period.  The book gave us a great insight into slavery and the Civil War,  in particular the brutal way the slaves were treated.  This is the third book we have read by Geraldine Brooks.  We like her writing style and the detail that she puts into her stories.  Ratings across the group were pretty consistent and the book scored 7 out of 10.