Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 2007

All readers agreed this was a most intriguing book, dark, sombre yet unforgettable. All agreed that McCarthy is a master novelist –  able to continue such a harrowing  theme so intensely; to portray a relationship tenderly crafted between a father intent on keeping his son alive while wandering through a nuclear winter with barren landscapes, bitter weather,  starvation and the threat of predators.

 A pervasive sense of danger exists as they head south to the ocean hoping for warmer climates. McCarthy’s imagery is brutal and bleak, creating an almost biblical fury, yet extraordinary warmth and caring  is displayed between father and son. 

 Entirely unsentimental, this book offers little in the way of escape or comfort for the reader. It is chillingly despondent yet hope for survival is sustained despite all the chaos and confusion.  

 Although the cataclysm ‘when the world exploded’ was never explained Cosmo readers considered this book a cautionary tale about an environmental or natural disaster that could affect our world.