For our March meeting on Monday 14th March we will read a mystery writer suggested by one of the group. Donna Leon’s books are all set in Venice. In this story an African street vendor is killed in a scuffle on a cold winter night just before Christmas. The only witnesses are American tourists who were inspecting the fake handbags that he was selling. This peddlar had been trading outside business hours, and working without a permit. Commissario Brunetti must investigate his death and his obvious question is “why would someone want to kill such a person with few possessions to his name and little money.” But the killing has all the markings of a professional operation and Brunetti is warned by his superiors not to proceed with the case. But of course this only makes him more determined to find the answer. If you would like to take part in the discussion of this book come to Warrawong’s new library at 67-71 King Street Warrawong (above Plush sofas) and ask for a copy to read. New members are always welcome to join the group.