The tall man – Death and life on Palm Island by Chloe Hooper.

Simply, the story is about the deathof an aboriginal man. On the 19th November, 2004, Cameron is arrested for swearing at a white police officer and en route to the police station he punched the arresting officer in the jaw. Forty minutes later Cameron is dead on a cell floor having sustained massive injuries. Police said he tripped on a step but the state appointed pathologist did not report any signs of brutality. The aboriginal community are distressed and angry and a week later a mob burned down the police station and the home of the arresting officer, Snr. Sgt Chris Hurley. Hurley went into hiding on the mainland. The pro bono criminal lawyer for thecommunity, Andrew boe, wanted someone to write an article about the proceedings, and that writer was Chloe Hooper. I commend the book to you.

As Philippa Hawker , at the Adelaide Film Festival reported on MArch 2, 2011, the aftermath of the death of Cameron Doomadgee has been deeply felt and contentious. The Tall Man screens on SBS in April.