Many of our books this year have been chosen by group members and this is one of them.  It is a crime novel by Australian Peter Temple called Truth. To give a brief introduction to the story: Inspector Villani is head of the Victorian Police Homicide Squad and his work is his life. At the close of a very long day he is faced with the death of a young women in a bath tub with a panic button within her reach. It is summer and there are bush fires burning relentlessly across the state. Vilani’s superiors are  scheming and jostling and he is f inding that the certainties of his life are disappearing. This book is a tale of a man, a family, and a city, but also a tale of violence, murder, love, corruption, and honour BUT most of all truth. This is the second mystery book that we have read this year and there is one more to come We will use this book as a means of comparison. We will compare it with our earlier Donna Leon book and discuss the question What makes a good murder mystery? New members are welcome to join our group. Come to the library and ask for a copy of the book at the desk. The meeting will take place on June 6th at 2pm in the library.