This is a compelling read about a young man who leaves his hometown in eastern Europe to travel to Britain by bus. here he looks to gain employment and start a new profitable life. He leaves behind his young daughter, and his elderly mother, his wife having passed away earlier. Lev is faced with translation, cultural and moral issues. Like many immigarnts he takes any job to make ends meet. He comes under the guidanceof a fellow traveller and soon has gained a better position. He does volunteer workin a nursing home where he becomes very popular due to his understanding of people. He then plans how he will achieve success in his hometown. Lev’s character shows a development of maturity, understanding and thoughtfulness. The book has many funny¬†stories to tell, but iss high in emotion as well dealing with sensitive issues. A rewarding read of a good story.

The winner of the Orange Broadband Prize for fiction in 2008.