Dapto Library Tuesday Book club

An ageing writer makes notes in his diary: he has opinions about everything from Guantanamo Bay to the creative truth of dreams, from democracy in Australia to the meaning of dishonour.

His mesmeric voice, deeply concerned with contemporary politics, is challenged by
Anya, the smart, irreverent young woman whom he hires to type his diary notes.

Meanwhile Alan, Anya’s money-making boyfriend, scorns everything the writer believes in, and schemes against him.

With its three dynamic and charged voices, this may be the most original work of fiction to appear for years.

Nobody likes a challenge more than a book club, and this month’s book provided just that! J.M. Coetzee managed to take the simple task of reading a novel to new heights with his Diary of a Bad Year. 

But rather than be put off by a series of narrative tricks, our group embraced this book as a remarkable, intelligent and thoroughly satisfying read. Visit our Over The Fence blog for more on this month’s intriguing read.


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