Warrawong Book Talk

Truth by Peter Temple, our June book, was not one that was enjoyed by the group. We did not like the language in which it was written, although there were some descriptive parts we felt were very well done. The book to us was confusing and hard to follow. We were not always sure who was talking, and many of the characters were to us not well deveolped. The story of Villani and  his family was the part of the book that was enjoyed the most. This book scored a rating of 5 out of 10.

 Kerry Greenwood is an Australian mystery writer. Her books feature the glamorous private investigator Pyrne Fisher. In this book it is Melbourne and the year is 1929. At the start of this particular year Pyrne is coping with a trying heat wave and more cases than she can handle. She has been asked by the mother of an antique dealer to find the reason for her son’s death which has been ruled to be misadventure by drowning. In the second case she needs to discover whether or not a deceased woman gave birth to an illegitimate child for the child could be heir to a wealthy old woman’s fortune. She will need all her wits about her to solve these cases especially when she has to deal with a group of rather unpleasant young things.  If you would like to be part of the group discussing this book in Warrawong Library on Monday 4th July at 2pm come to the library and ask for a copy at the desk.  New members are always welcome to join our friendly group.


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