Elm Creek Quilts, the triving artists’s retreat, stakes its sterling reputation on the palpable creative energy and collective goodwill of its teachers and students. But when two of its founding members decide to leave the fold, the Elm Creek Quilters face untold changes. Who can possibly take their place?

Cherished memories resurface and inspiring visions take shape in careful deliberations. Only by understanding the meaning of what their own labours have wrought can they select the ones who have earned a place among the Circle of Quilters.

This book was given a considerably better review by our club than I originally would have thought. Although not given a unanimous thumbs up, it did receive some positive feed-back for its character studies. All but a few of us believed that the author did a good job portraying and introducing  each character, then intertwining their roles to the story’s conclusion.

An undisputed view amongst us was the realisation that this was purely formula writing and could have been written within a backdrop of just about any theme, be it quilting, gardening, painting or knitting. You name it, these characters could have been cut and pasted to fit.

Some of the more negative comments included ‘boring waste of time’, ‘not stimulating enough’ and ‘very soapy’. In saying this though, everyone finished the book and a very interesting discussion on quilting led us to the exploration of these long lost crafts and how many of them have transferred over the years from a chore that needed to be done for economic reasons into a luxury that only the prosperous can enjoy.

Certainly food for thought … and from what many would think, a light and fluffy novel.

 Ahhh, the advantages of a book club!