For our meeting on the 5th September at 2pm come along prepared to talk about a biography that you have read as for this month it is your choice – any biography or autobiography.

 Our August book was To kill a mockingbird by Haper Lee and this book scored very highly ( 9 out of ten) as all the group loved it. We spent some time discussing why we felt this book had been so popular for such a long period of time. We agreed that it was a book that was timeless, not just for a particular time period.  It was easy to read, and we felt good reading it. There was a lot o f  “goodness” in it. The story flowed well. There was excitement and mystery, and the characters were beautifully drawn. It was described by one member of the group as “a work of art” and above all it was a book that made its  readers think  as it covered so many different issues. One member had done some research on the author Harper Lee which we found very interesting. She was a tomboy with one brother brought up by a father who was well respected in the small town that they lived in, a lawyer by occupation. So in a way it could have been based on her own experiences.  So if you have not read this great classic why not give it a try!