D.H. Lawrence’s controversial novel written in 1928, which tells the story of an aristocratic woman, Constance (Lady Chatterley) who has an affair with the estate’s gamekeeper when her husband is paralyzed and rendered impotent. Central to the theme of the novel is the need for physical as well as mental stimulation in order to feel complete as a human being.

Due to the offensive language and subject matter of the book, a charge of obscenity was brought against it in a famous 1960 trial in the UK. The novel and Lawrence were cleared of the charges and for the first time the book was allowed to be published without restriction.

This month our group was to acknowledge yet another positive for book clubs; they can force your hand and get you reading that one book you know you should read, but have never got around to. After 10 years, our club now purposely works on rounding out our reading experiences and includes many of the classics that we know should be read. Hence last month’s book Lady Chatterley’s Lover, the controversial classic that spent many years underground and banned from library and bookstore shelves. To read our entire review visit our blog at Over the Fence.