Warrawong Book Talk’s meeting on  Monday February 6th at 2pm will be a chance to discuss our holiday reading and/ or the book The report by Jessica Francis Kane which some of us have chosen to read over the holidays. The book for the meeting on March 12th which will be handed out in February is Shades of grey by Jasper Fforde which is something different for the group to tackle.

Fforde’s world is a future world in which democracy has been replaced by colourtocracy. Visual colour dominates society. You are what you can see. Eddie Russell has better than average red perception and is happy with his lot until he  moves to East Carrmine and falls in love with a grey named Jane. She opens his eyes to the painful truths behind his seemingly perfect world eg What happened to all the people who never returned from High Saffron, and why when you begin to question the world around you do black and white certainties reduce themselves to shades of grey?

New members are always welcome to join our friendly group. If you would like to find out more about the group ring us on Phone 4227 8133 or call into our beautiful library at 67-71 King Street Warrawong.