July is a slave girl who lives upon a sugar plantation named Amity and it is her life that is the subject of this tale. She was there when the Baptist War raged in 1831, and she was also present when slavery was declared no more.

My son says I must convey how the story tells also of July’s mama Kitty, of the negroes that worked the plantation land, of Caroline Mortimer the white woman who owned the plantation and many more persons besides – far too many to list here. But what befalls them all is carefully chronicled upon these pages.

This month’s book The Long Song by Andrea Levy has started our year off in great style with a stimulating discussion, on the book itself and the many issues found within.

We could all be forgiven for our first reaction, ‘another story of slavery’. We have read plenty covering this topic over the years, but as all good book clubs do, we uncovered more than the usual heartbreak and injustice … this time humour being a major contributor to our club’s enjoyment. If you’d like to read more, visit our Over The Fence blog for the full review.