Our March book Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde produced a wide variety of responses from those who really loved it to those who did not like it at all and could not even finish the book.  Those who like it found it to be  creative and imaginative.   They liked the charaacters and found it to be very clever and witty.

Our April book to be discussed at our meeting on Monday April 2nd at 2pm in the library is Sarah Thornhill by Kate Grenville.

This is her follow up book to The Secret River although it can be read on its own. The book is based loosely on an incident in her family history. It tells the story of Sarah (Dolly) the youngest child of William Thornhill and his first wife who died after she was born. Sarah dotes on her brother William, who goes to sea hunting seals accompanied by his friend Jack but over time it is Jack that she comes to love even more than her brother.  It is a  love story and a story of family secrets. Kate Grenville herself sees the book not as a historical novel, but a novel set in the past, a story told that can help us to understand the present.