At Leighford High, the ever resourceful Peter ‘Mad Max’ Maxwell is temporarily promoted to Head of History when colleague Paul Moss heads off toLos Angeles. Paul’s counterpart is Hector Gold who is accompanied to Leighford by his family, including in-laws Jeff and Alan O’Malley.

Clearly Jeff O’Malley is quite a character – with money to burn he has been gate-crashing the local poker school, much to the dismay of its members. When events take a sinister turn and one of the school’s members is found murdered, newly-promoted Inspector Jacquie Carpenter Maxwell and Henry Hall investigate, with the assistance of Maxwell.

In the latest witty installment of the ‘Mad Max’ series, the teacher and part-time sleuth must contend with outlandish Americans, a son who is acting strangely, a missing cub-scout mistress and the usual Leighford High School mayhem whilst trying to catch a murderer before more lives are lost.

This month’s itsamysterytome is the latest enstallment of Trow’s ‘Mad Max’ series. If you have read this or any of the series, drop us a line and let us know what you think. Have you ever found the murderer before Maxwell, or are you too busy chuckling through the dry and humorous wit that this series is known for? Copies available in our libraries now!