Warrawong Book Talk

The group’s August book was The happiest refugee by Ahn Do. The group saw Ahn as a comedian not a writer and felt the book  showed this. It was written more as a comedy routine, and humour was certainly a part. The first part of the book about his journey to Australia and his childhood and settling in period in Australia was particularly enjoyyed by the group and some members would like to have had more detail  about this time.  We found his father a very interesting character and would have liked to have known more of his story. Above all Ahn’s simplicity, honesty and humbleness shown through for us. He was very grateful for his new start in Australia hence the title ‘The happiest refugee.’  The group enjoyed the book and gave it a rating of 7.

 The book for our meeting on September 3rd is Major Pettigrew’s last stand by Helen Simonson.  Major Pettigrew lives quietly in a small village in England. He is a very proper  gentleman who values honour, tradition, and the importance of the family name. His brother has just died.  A chance meeting with the local Pakistani shopkeeper Mrs Ali  becomes the beginning of a new friendship. They are both on their own and she shares his love of good literature.  But can their rrelationship survive?  This book covers many themes – racism, relationships between a child and an older parent, small town snobbery and the love life of an older person to name  a few. If you would like to join us for the discussion of this book ask for your copy at the library. New members are welcome to join the group.


One thought on “Warrawong Book Talk

  1. This book came highly recommended by so many people. It has earned multiple awards and accolades and has consistently been on the bestseller list since it was first released. I decided to find out for myself what the hype was all about.

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