This month, the group read Tim Winton’s ‘Breath’. Breath is told from the perspective of Pikelet, a 14 year old boy who loves to surf. Together with his friend, Loonie, the boys take many frightening risks, just to feel alive. Many of their risks are to do with the topic of breathing, such as swimming to the bottom of the river to hold their breath. The boys meet Sando, a much older and more experienced surfer, who they treat as a guru. This is when things take a turn for the worse. Winton is a wonderful story teller, writing in such a way that you feel as though you are out on the waves with him (and this coming from someone who has never surfed in their life.) He deals with many issues, some of which are quite confronting, and lead to a lively debate. All in all, the group awarded ‘Breath’ a score of 7.5. It was an interesting discussion, as some people rated it 10, whilst others gave it a 3!

For our meeting on December 3, we will not be reading a book. Instead, we will be enjoying an afternoon tea and discussing our plans for the year 2013. Anyone who has read a particularly enjoyable book will be welcome to bring it along, as we are looking for inspiration for our new book list. A new year is a new beginning, and we would love to meet some new members. If you love books and think our booktalk sounds right up your alley, we meet the first Monday of the month at 2pm. Ask at the Warrawong library desk for more information. We would love to meet you in 2013.