March is already here! This month’s book ‘Still Alice’ by Lisa Genova was surprisingly well recieved. Many of the group found the concnept of the book a little confronting, but most were willing to read it.

50 year old Alice Howland is a happily married Harvard professor with three successful children.  When Alice starts to notice that she is becoming forgetful and confused, she recieves a devastating diagnosis – early onset Alzheimers.  This heartbreaking novel covers the varied reactions from all those Alice holds dear. There are those who are supportive, and those who refuse to accept the illness – another concept many of us found frightening. Just how would the people we love most cope with this devastating situation?

When reading a book like this, there is always a concern that it will be close to home for some people. While this was true, we had a very interesting discussion about Alzheimer’s, and the effect that it has on families. After a long discussion, we awarded the book  a rating of 8.5.

As Easter is fast approaching, our next Book Talk meeting will be held on Monday April 8. The book we are currently reading is ‘Legacy’ by Larissa Behrendt.

9780702237331    Simone Harlowe is young and clever, an Aboriginal lawyer straddling two lives and two cultures while studying at Harvard. Her family life back in Sydney is defined by the complex relationship sher    has with her father Tony, a prominent Aboriginal rights activist.

  As Simone juggles the challenges of a modern woman’s life – career, family, friends and relationships – her father is confronting his own uncomfortable truths as his secret double life implodes. Can Simone accept her father foe the man he is and forgive him for the man he’s not?


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