Set during the first crucial year of their babies’ lives, The Mother’s Group tracks six women’s individual journeys – and the group’s collective one – as they navigate birth and motherhood as well as the shifting ground of their relationships with their partners.

Each woman strives in her own way to become the mother she wants to be, and finds herself becoming increasingly reliant on the friendship and support of the group members.

Until one day an unthinkably shocking event changes everything, testing their bonds and revealing closely held secrets that threaten to shatter their lives.

This book inspired an interesting discussion with our group. The topic of motherhood in today’s society brought out some valid points on social economics, multiculturalism, media paranoia and child rearing in general.

The majority found it a compelling read with the latter half of the book snowballing to a brave move by the author in bringing her story to a tragic end. This went a long way towards taking the story up a notch in the believable stakes.

We all thought the characters well rounded and we each found our favourites within the diverse cast. Was it a realistic look at motherhood today? We think so. The shared trauma seemed to add glue to the group and we thought this was a highly likely outcome.

Even with the ‘over-predictable’ label from Delia, and Mary’s ‘not able to relate’ circumstances, we still awarded it four stars, so it certainly made it into the ‘worth the read’ category.