itsamysterytome – November Title

itsamysterytome - November Title

When a man breaks into Mollie Chambers’ house and blows his brains out in front of her, she tells the police that she has never seen him before.
Ex-DI Alec Friedman isn’t so sure.
Mollie has lived an eventful life as the wife of a diplomat, and he knows she is still haunted by the horrors of more than one war.
Alec and his blind wife, Naomi want to help, but prickly Mollie is a private person and he and Naomi have their own pressing issues. And while Alice has quit the force, the force hasn’t quit him. Brought on to the case unofficially, Alec and Naomi only find out just what murky waters they’re wading in when it’s much too late …


2 thoughts on “itsamysterytome – November Title

  1. This month’s title has already been awarded 5 stars by one of our readers. ‘Wow – Jane Adams just gets better and better.’ is the commnet. Looks like this one might be a winner!

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