wuthering heights

The tale of Heathcliff and Cathy’s ungovernable love and suffering, and the havoc that their passion wreaks on the families of the Earnshaws and the Lintons, shocked the book’s first readers, with even Emily’s sister Charlotte wondering “wheather it is right or advisable to create beings like Heathcliff”.

 Replete with unforgettable characters and situations that have seared themselves into our literary consciousness, Emily Bronte’s intense masterpiece is one of the most haunting love stories in the canon of English literature.

A few of our group were revisiting Wuthering Heights this month, as most had read it in years past, but a classic such as this tends to offer up a little more of itself with each read.

Traditionally, the sense of place encompasses most readers of this novel and the isolation and barrenness of the moors sets the dark mood no matter how many times you read it.

But our discussion fell mostly on the clear class distinctions and the cruel manner the characters had towards each other. We wondered at the Brontes, their way of life and the amount of biographical content within the book.

It was generally agreed that this was a wonderfully written story, even though the dark tone throughout never really let up. The author has written a timeless classic that seems to have survived the generations and still stirs the heart and the mind today.

Our group questioned as to whether Wuthering Heights was a love story or a tragedy. The answer is sure to vary with every reader … but which ever you decide, you could never fail to find the truly timeless and enduring appeal of this masterpiece.