Well, there year is flying past at an alarming rate. Somehow here we are at the November meeting where we met to discuss Donna Leon’s ‘By Its Cover’.

This book was a suggestion by one of our long term members, who is a big Donna Leon fan. It was a nice small book, and sounded interesting so we were all very keen to read it.

We all arrived at the meeting before the member who recommended the book in a bit of a panic, as we discovered that we all disliked the book, and were concerned that she would be unhappy.

Imagine our relief when she appeared in the door and announced “What a load of rubbish!”

By all accounts, Leon is a fabulous writer. Her books in the “Inspector Brunetti” series are very popular, and include sumptuous descriptions of elaborate lunches, comedic interaction with the Brunetti family, and vivid imagery of Venice. Unfortunately, By Its Cover contained none of these.

In essence, By Its Cover is a mystery about the theft of valuable books and pages stolen from the academic reference section of a library. Inspector Brunetti jumps on the case. Not much happens. Suddenly it’s a murder case. Not much happens.

We all decided that the book was certainly an easy read, albeit an incredibly disjointed one. However, due to glowing reviews for Leon’s other books, we were all encouraged to give her another try at a later date.


In December (eep!) we will be meeting to discuss the fabulous man and voice William McInnes. I allowed the members to choose a work by McInnes, be it fiction or non-fiction, and the majority chose to read his factual writings. So on December 23, we will discuss William McInnes, from his father’s memories, to his childhood, all the way to the tragic loss of his wife.

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