Well here we are, somehow at the end of another great year of reading. Last night we all met for the final meeting of 2017, we ate far to much chocolate and fudge (a book club full of good cooks is just far too much fun), and we discussed Anthony Doerr’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel “All the Light We Cannot See”.

A beautiful and harrowing story of a blind girl, a German soldier and a priceless diamond. The novel weaves through the streets of Paris, jumps to a Hitler Youth program and peeks into priceless artifacts at a French museum. All of the characters are so real you can almost reach out and touch them. And of course, the consequences of war, which are are heartbreaking and devastating.

Our table was divided firmly down the middle – half of us loved it and half of us hated it. Those who hated it felt it was too jumpy, and that the subject matter was too sensitive to be written about. Those who loved it said that it was an important period in history, and those stories deserve to be told, no matter how much it might hurt.

All in all we awarded the novel 3.6/5 – bearing in mind that the rating was either 5 or 2. Very differing opinions on this one, which always leads to the best discussions.

The list is ready for next year and has been handed out to all members. Watch this space for details, and remember to contact Dapto Library on 4227 8555 if you would like to join our wonderful book club.

A very Merry Christmas to all – we will see you next year!