bleedDapto Library has many mystery readers who enjoy a good whodunnit. To help with finding the newest in mystery novels, we created the ‘itsamysterytome’ bookclub. Each month there is a new mystery featured and customers are encouraged to rate the monthly title. Please feel free to comment here on our blog and express your opinions on our latest book.

Scott & Bailey Bleed Like Me by Cath Staincliffe

The Journey’s Inn, Lark’s Estate, Manchester. Three bodies have been found, stabbed to death in their beds. A man – apparently the father and husband of two of the victims – has fled. The police are in a race against time to find him, especially when they discover his two young sons are also missing …

Manchester Metropolitan police station. Having survived a near-fatal attack, DC Janet Scott is quietly falling apart. Her best friend and colleague DC Rachel Bailey is reeling from a love affair gone bad. DCI Gill Murray is trying to keep the team on track, but her own family problems are threatening to tip her over the edge.

 Finding the desperate man is their top priority. But none of them knows where he is going or what he intends to do next. Or what they have to do to stop him …

One thought on “itsamysterytome

  1. This book received 4 stars from one of our readers. Comments were that is was very good and actually made her angry. Must have been good if it results in an emotional response! Has anyone else read this?

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